What is it about driving a car that makes people believe they have a right to harass other people?

Was driving to the library this morning and two lanes merge into one lane just past a light. I was in the right lane which is the one that merges. Light turns green and the car infront of me takes off to get infront of those in the left lane. I don’t figuring that the first car in the left lane will move and I’ll merge behind it and infront of the next car. But the front car doesn’t move too quickly so I step on the gas a bit to get infront (since the car infront of me had already taken off and there was a couple a car lengths infront open).

Next thing I know the car from the left lane it nearly next to me honking their horn. But backs off and I get infront. Pulled into the library parking lot and the car follows us. Oh great. I get out of the car and the young woman is on her cell phone and yells out her window “I’m calling the police you fat bitch” and then proceeds farther into the lot and turns around. By this time my mom and I are across the lot and infront of the door to the library. I”m sorry I didn’t think to get a license number.

So she leaves and we head inside.

Now, any normal person would have either just honked their horn at me and sworn under their breath and kept going. The fact that she followed to call me a name and as far as I can tell an idle pointless threat says alot about her, though I don’t know what. But that isn’t where it ends.

I’m in the back of the library wandering shelves while my mom is up front looking at new mysteries. I have a nice chat with a librarian and then move to another isle. A couple people come into the isle but I’m honestly not paying attention to them in the beginning, I’m looking at otr shows on the shelves. I realize as they start to walk out of the isle that it’s the chick from the car and probably her mother. I am half aware that they were talking about me but I don’t have a clue what was said. My mother (remember she’s a 3 time cancer survivor in her 70s) is standing at the top of the isle watching them (she noticed when they came in, I didn’t).

I was half figuring we’d get jumped out in the parking lot or the car tires would be flat or the paint keyed or something.

But they were not there when we left. Not that I noticed. We went several places after and didn’t notice anyone. I made sure I was on the phone talking to my dad as we left anyway.

What is up with that? Why wasn’t following me and calling me a name enough to release whatever frustration she had, but she has to go home and get her mom and come back? If cutting her off (which wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t picked up speed to get infront of me when I was already ahead of her) is a crime, she commited a couple crimes by talking on her phone while driving (illegal here) and then harassing me by not only following me but going home and coming back again.

I made the mistake of telling my brother who proceeded to make me paranoid that somehow they did follow us or they will look for us again to do something. They had to live close to the library to get back so quickly so it’s more than possible to run into them again (so to speak). I didn’t really need to start to feel paranoid about it.

My brother thinks even though we have no car make or license number we should make a police report.

I don’t know.

And I don’t know about people sometimes. What was the point? What was so important? I didn’t do anything wrong and once again, like so many times in my life, I get punished. Sometimes it makes me want to never leave my house.


It’s nice to know if I need to run and move I can still do it if I have to. As long as it’s not too far.

Was procrastinating yesterday (should be packing for my trip to NJ), playing World of Warcraft, and I had the weather channel on. Was just half listening to it while I battled away. The weather had been fine here. I heard them say something about a tornado on the ground just west of columbus and heading northeast. I just figured it was Georgia since much of the bad weather had been down there yesterday. Then I heard ‘Ohio’. Huh? I live northwest of Columbus Ohio so I shut down the game, the computer and just as I was yelling into the house that there was a tornado spotted near here and turning off the tv to head downstairs the sirens went off. I ran down the stairs, grabbed the cat and her leash. My mom was right behind me. Had the local channels on the tv in the basement and only one had cut into broadcasting. They said a tornado had been spotted ( not the ground) just 3 1/2 miles south of us.

My father and one of my brothers were out at a store so we called them. They were right in the path of the storm. My father just figures whatever will happen will happen and was not happy we were making him stay there. Happily my brother had more sense and the store had a room they asked the customers to go into once the sirens went off. Although we called and told them about it well before the store let the customers know.

I think only one or two tiny tornadoes touched down in the area yesterday – unlike oklahoma and georgia which had a few at least I believe, and were much larger and very destructive.

We were downstairs and into the basement in maybe 3 minutes. I thought that was pretty darn good since none of us are young. lol

I’m still procrastinating today. I’m typing this out but I need to finish getting stuff ready, doing my linens, cleaning a bit (bathroom and vaccuuming) and a few other odds and ends before heading to NJ tomorrow. We’ll leave about 6am. It’s about a 9 hour drive there. Then we have to unpack the car (the house sits a floor and a half off the ground so it’s not easy getting it all into the house), go to the cable place to get the tv’s hooked up and the modem for the internet for the 6 weeks we’ll be there, eat dinner or get something to eat to bring home and some other little things. We’ll have to do grocery shopping on Wednesday.

I’m feeling a bit anxious since right now the shore is under a coastal flood warning because of onshore winds and astronomical high tides. It just worries me being there and not being able to get the car moved somewhere before it floods. We’re fine in the house since it’s so very high, but the car is often not safe. And I’m a worrier by nature. I panic fairly easily. So, while I’m looking forward to seeing the ocean and going to my favorite places there, I’m not looking forward to the drive or all the rain. And the full moon isn’t until the 20th so if there are more onshore winds with rain there will be flooding again.

See, when I called this jersey’s quiet ramblings, I really meant ramblings. lol

Hello world!

Okay, I took a push from Ravenhawk and signed up.

No clue what I’m doing though. We’ll see how long I last and/or how long it takes me to learn how things work around here.